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This pandemic may be the worst thing that has happened to summer since breaking your arm on the last day of school, but 'Summer of The Wolf' is here to make it much better. The Wolf is a beer we wait for all year long, and this year we're mixing things up, and expanding the release into a whole series of exciting experiments and variants.

We're calling it the 'Summer of The Wolf'.

In addition to our regular The Wolf, we are releasing a series of variants over the next few months. Everything will be available to order through our Online Curbside To-Go menu on the day of the release as well as at the taproom in our to-go area. Online orders are for same day pick-up ONLY. Any orders not picked up will be refunded at the end of the day. Quantities are very limited and will be sold on a first come, first served basis. Release information is below:

The Releases


The Wolf

The original. Our Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout - The Wolf. Everything you expect from this style of beer - bourbon richness, caramel and chocolate notes, and warm wood tannins. And at 12.3% it's dangerously drinkable. You know, like a Wolf in Sheeps clothing.

wolf raspberry coffee

The Wolf Raspberry/Coffee (22oz bottles)

Release Date: 7/11

An original Barrel Society beer that was so good, we are releasing it for the 2nd year to the public at the taproom.

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wolf barrel select

The Wolf Barrel Select (22oz bottles)

Release Date: 7/11

Beer chosen from the best barrels we found while tasting. The barrels offered something special - more bourbon character, more vanilla or just something indefinable that makes it great, and then those barrels got blended to create a Wolf that is the best of the best.

wolf layered

The Wolf Layered (4-pack 12oz cans)

Release Date: 8/1

Each 4-pack contains a glimpse of how we develop and layer flavors in our beer. These 4-packs contain one can of The Wolf with Coconut, Cocoa Nibs and Vanilla, one can of The Wolf with Coconut, one can with The Wolf with Cocoa Nibs and one can with The Wolf with Coconut and Cocoa Nibs. You'll get to experience the individual layers of flavor and how they come together in one amazing beer.

wolf fruit

The Wolf Fruit Variants (4-pack 12oz cans)

Release Date: 8/22

Different fruits have a significant impact on a beer and we love exploring how each one can affect the same tasty base beer.That’s why we created The Wolf - Fruit Variants 4-pack. Each 4-pack will include:
One can of The Wolf with Blueberries
One can of The Wolf with Raspberries
One can of The Wolf with Cherries
One can of The Wolf with Strawberries.

wolf layered 2

The Wolf Coffee Variants (4-pack 12oz cans)

Release Date: 9/12

Each can in this 4-pack will have coffee from a different renowned roaster. Featuring coffee from Colectivo Coffee, Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Dark Matter Coffee, and Intelligentsia Coffee, you'll get to experience how different beans and different roasts can have huge impacts on a killer base beer.

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