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Operation SOS

What is Operation SOS?

Operation SOS (Save Our Spots) is a series of three-way collaboration beers between 3 Sheeps and  other Wisconsin breweries with the goal of helping Wisconsin bars and restaurants make it through these difficult times. Everyone has a favorite "spot." Where you go to watch a game, enjoy an evening out, take the family for dinner or just grab a beer after work. These places are all struggling and need our help. In an effort to bring customers in to our favorite "spots," these beers will only be available to purchase at bars and restaurants in Wisconsin - no grocery stores, no liquor stores, not even our own taprooms. Look for three versions of Operation SOS to be offered in the coming months featuring collaborations with different breweries each time.  

Please - drink up, order some food, and remember to tip generously! 


Find Operation SOS 

Click the link, choose "SOS," then "Bars and Restaurants" from the drop down menus, enter your zip code and decide how far you're willing to travel. You'll find all of the spots in your area that recieved this beer. We recommend calling ahead to make sure they still have inventory (and maybe order some take out while you're at it.) 


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