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Introducing: Chalkboard Beers Header Image

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June 26, 2017

Introducing: Chalkboard Beers

Introducing: Chalkboard Beers Header Image

We like to experiment.

We’ve always enjoyed trying new recipes, finding new ingredients, and working on new processes for making beer. So when it came time to plan our brewery expansion, we we’re excited to be able to add a larger test brewing system (called a “Pilot System”) that allows us to experiment, and share those experiments at our taproom. 

We call these beers ‘Chalkboard Beers’ because that’s exactly what we use to design them. We come up with our concept, look at ingredients, and add and subtract items until we get the balance and flavors we are looking for. When we try to balance hop flavor and bitterness with malt profile, yeast strains, and other ingredients, it generally get to be more than we can keep in our heads, so it goes to paper. Sometimes this process can take weeks, other times it can take months.  

Each Chalkboard Beer is work in progress -- a living recipe. Which is why we’re so excited to share them at our taproom… we need your feedback. When you try these beers and let our bartenders know what you think (good AND bad), it allows us to get out of our own heads a bit and use your feedback in our next version.


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