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December 8, 2017

3 Sheeps Barrel Society

3 Sheeps Barrel Society Header Image


We’ve been hard at work developing our barrel-aging program, brewing and aging some very special beers as we prepare for an exciting 2018. As our passion for barrel aging continues to grow, we are continuing to invest in this program, with our sour and wild barrels now in place in the taproom, and our clean barrels in the brewery.

Because this program is so important to us, we decided to turn to our friends, family, and fellow beer drinkers with an offer: help us continue to invest in our barrel-aging program, and will give you inside access, a ton of (awesome) beer, custom merch, and other members-only benefits.

Join the Barrel Society and taste the fruits of our labor, while helping us work towards an even more robust barrel aging program in 2019 and beyond!

Membership Summary
Cost: $200 + processing
Members: Limited to 200 Members - first come, first served


Purchase Your Membership >>

Membership Benefits Summary

  • 20 Bottles of Barrel Aged 3 Sheeps Beer
  • First Right to Purchase Our Anniversary Beers — BBA Paid Time Off and BBA Uber Joe
  • Custom Barrel Society T-shirt
  • Custom “The Wolf” Glassware
  • Taproom Beer & Merch Discounts
  • Membership Card
  • Information on Upcoming Releases
  • First Right of Acceptance to 2019 Membership

Membership Benefits Details

20 Bottles of Barrel Aged 3 Sheeps Beers

As a Barrel Society member, you will receive 20 bottles of limited release, barrel aged beers from 3 Sheeps brewing. This will include 12 16.9oz bottles of limited-release barrel aged beers, plus two four packs of our once-a-year imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels, The Wolf.

Bottles will be available for pickup at the taproom, and members will be notified of each upcoming release through our Barrel Society email newsletter, which you will automatically be subscribed to when you purchase your membership. To ensure quality, the releases are TBD. No matter what, you’ll get 20 bottles of 7 different barrel aged beers, and here’s a taste of the releases we’re planning:

  • The Wolf Variant #1 - Most Likely Fruit (Two Bottles)
  • The Wolf Variant #2 - Most Likely Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged (Two Bottles)
  • Barrel-Aged Sour (Two Bottles)
  • Cashmere Hammer in 27 year old Speyside Scotch Barrels (Two Bottles)

First Right to Purchase Our Anniversary Beers — BBA Paid Time Off and BBA Uber Joe
Barrel Society members will receive a ticket that reserves the right to purchase a two bottle allotment of each anniversary beer: Bourbon Barrel Aged Paid Time Off and Uber Joe. These beers are VERY special to us and they go fast.

Custom T-shirt + Glassware
Members of the Barrel Society will receive one very special t-shirt and custom piece of glassware, only available to members. The shirt features our Barrel Society logo and the stemmed glass will be tied into The Wolf release later this year.

Taproom Beer & Merch Discounts
Members of the Barrel Society will have a standing $.50 off per pint and 15% off all merchandise at the 3 Sheeps taproom. The discount doesn’t apply to membership renewal or purchases made by your trustee, but it does ensure that you’re rewarded for your loyalty.

Membership Card
Membership includes a non-transferrable membership card, which must be presented at the taproom to receive your discount, or pick up any beer.

Information on Upcoming Releases
Our Barrel Society email list will be filled with information on limited releases, special events and exclusive sampling nights. The Thursday night before a Friday release, members will have exclusive access to the new beer on draft at the taproom. Members will also be notified when we package hoppy beers, including our new 16oz can offerings, and can reserve up to one case for pickup the week of packaging.

First Right of Acceptance to 2019 Membership
Barrel Society members will have the first right to re-enroll in the 2019 club. The number of memberships available for 2019 is currently undetermined, but will be based on production volumes and our ability to provide members with barrel aged beers.

The Fine Print

  • Bottle releases are subject to revision and the release dates
  • Membership registrations close Jan 31st 2018
  • Approximate retail value of beer/swag: $220
  • All beer must be picked up at the taproom by January 6th 2019 or be forfeited and offered to other Barrel Society members
  • Trustees are allowed to pick up the beer on behalf of the member if we receive advanced notice
  • We reserve the right to release leftover Barrel Society beers to the general public
  • Membership expires at the end of the year with option to renew for 2019
  • 3 Sheeps Brewing reserves the right to cancel or change the program at their discretion.

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