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Where can we find your beer?

3 Sheeps is currently available in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota! Use our online Sheep Finder to locate your nearest tap or retailer. 

What’s with the name ‘3 Sheeps’? Do you people have no regard for grammar?

We love correct grammar, in fact! So much so that we couldn’t resist using this play on words as a means to befuddle people like us. The name actually is a play on words coming from the expression ‘Three Sheets to the Wind’, which is an old sailor’s term for....having overly indulged. We always enjoyed the expression, and adding a little Wisconsin agricultural edge to it seemed appropriate.

Are you a brewpub? What’s the deal with Hops Haven?

Nope! The fine folks that purchased our building run the bar ‘Hops Haven’, which was formerly run as a brewpub using some of the equipment and space that we now occupy. Hops Haven fortunately serves all of our beers on tap, but we are run as separate businesses. Have you visited us at our new location at 1837 North Ave.?

What are your taproom hours?

We are pouring Monday through Thursday 4pm - 10pm, Friday 3pm - 11pm, Saturday 11am - 11pm and Sunday 11 am - 7pm.

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Your beer names are goofy. Why?

We’re a lighthearted and whimsical bunch, and that is definitely reflected in our beer names. Each one has a little story attached to it, all of which we very much enjoy recanting at length if given the opportunity. You have been warned!

Is your beer sold in bottles?

Yes! You can find our year round offerings in six packs, our seasonal beers in four packs, and our specialty beers in 22oz bottles.

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