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Mangoes On My Mind

Inspiration for beer recipes can sometimes come from unlikely places. Mangoes On My Mind was born when brewmaster Grant Pauly accidentally clicked “Order Mangoes” instead of “Order Blackberries” in the middle of a particularly hectic brew day. The timing was fortuitous, as we’d been kicking around a recipe for a wine barrel-aged saison that was missing something. It turns out it was missing mangoes. They’re light and slightly sweet, with a clean brightness that highlights the yeast’s natural characteristics. Their very presence makes the saison a better version of itself. The barrel aging process enhances these elements even further, and we chose white wine barrels for their creamy oak notes and light fruit characteristics. After sitting in barrels for eight months, the aged beer was blended with a small percentage of fresh beer for the perfect balance between mango, barrel, and saison yeast.


Limited Release


Imperial Saison with Mango

ALC. by Vol

8% ABV



Bottle Format

22 oz.

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