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First Kiss

First Kiss is a big beer with a little secret. We love full-flavored, hop-forward beers as much as the next brewer, but they tend to fatigue the palate and leave you with a less-than-inspiring last few sips. To avoid this, we turned to an unlikely source: local wildflower honey. It’s not there to add sweetness, instead it targets your tastebuds with a light coating that leaves your palate refreshed, and makes each sip taste like your first. The result is a beer that starts with a huge hop bitterness, then transitions into something light and floral, and ends so clean you might not even realize that it’s 110 IBUs.


Year Round


IIPA w/ Honey

Hop Varieties

Columbus, Centennial, Simcoe

ALC. by Vol

8.2% ABV



Bottle Format

12 oz.

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