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  • Cashmere Hammer

    Style: NITRO Rye Stout
    Availability: Year Round

    Cashmere Hammer Slider Image

Chocolatey - Earthy - Velvety Smooth

ABV: 6.50
IBU: 29

We really enjoy brewing with rye. It has a dry, spicy characteristic that plays very well with other flavors. In many styles of beer, a touch of rye can be used to bring balance to an otherwise one-directional taste. For this beer, though, we started with the rye and piled it on, ensuring it would play first fiddle. The rest of the ingredients - the base, dark, and caramel malts, along with the Czech Saaz hops - were selected for their ability to highlight the rye and play off of its boldness.

Since large quantities of rye can sometimes yield an unpalatable harshness, the finishing touch on this brew was to nitrogenate rather than carbonate. The creaminess of the nitrogen pour smoothes the edge, making for very gentle, yet full-bodied beer. We hope you enjoy.

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3 Sheeps Brewing Co. Rolls Out The Barrel To Unveil Taproom, Opening Celebrations Set For Saturday & Sunday April 23-24

April 21, 2016

SHEBOYGAN, Wis. –3 Sheeps Brewing Co. opens its first taproom with a celebratory grand opening weekend, April 23-24, 2016. Open to the public, the two-day event features a line-up of distinctive beers, tap room only beers and food trucks.

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