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One off of Normal.

Before we can tell you about our beers, we need to tell you what drives us to make our styles. Very early on as I was playing around with styles, I realized that I did not take much joy in making classic styles. Many before me had already done so, and done so very well. With so many great representations of beer styles already out there, I did not see a reason to recreate the wheel.

It was for this reason that I started tweaking styles - adding ingredients that typically were not associated with that type of beer, and trying to get those flavors to balance with the rest of the beer. This became the challenge that I most enjoyed in making beer. How can I take something that would generally not be thought to go well together, and bridge the two to create a balanced, drinkable beer?

I also realized at this point that I was not into the large “Shock and Awe” beers. The type of beers that you enjoy for the first few sips and include some down-right funky ingredients, but that you get sick of before finishing half a pint. If I was going to use these sorts of ingredients, they had to be balanced in the brew and leave you wanting to finish that pint, and hopefully seek out another.

It was at this time that I defined my style of brewing as “One Off of Normal.” We will never make a standard stout or amber, but we will dance around those styles using an ever expanding list of ingredients and techniques to create something unique and enjoyable. Fortunately, with craft beer, the possibilities are endless.


Year Round Beer offering

While these two categories may seem obvious, we have worked hard to makes sure we stayed true to them. We enjoy drinking beer, and for us, this means we want to be able to enjoy a few beers while still keeping our wits about us. This is what “drinkable” means to us. These beers are generally lower in alcohol than the majority of our other brews, making them easier to enjoy while doing something else. As much as we enjoy geeking out on a brew, we also enjoy being able to drink them while doing other things. This is what we mean by balanced and clean. Rebel Kent and football were made for each other, for example. These beers were designed to drink easily, finish cleanly, and compliment whatever activity you choose.

Seasonal Beer Offering

Our seasonal beers are where we first started to let loose and explore flavors, ingredients, and push the boundaries of our ABV. All of the these recipes incorporate something special that we wanted to highlight: honey, coffee, ginger&chocolate, and WI hops. The rest of the beer was then built around those ingredients. Please read the descriptions below to find out more.

Small Batch Series

We all started as home brewers. While we now get to spend our days brewing beer, the joy of creating something new is still at the top of our list. The Nimble Lips, Noble Tongue Series allow us to get back to our home brewing roots and never stop experimenting. We look forward to sharing these brews with you!


3 Sheeps Brewing Co. Rolls Out The Barrel To Unveil Taproom, Opening Celebrations Set For Saturday & Sunday April 23-24

April 21, 2016

SHEBOYGAN, Wis. –3 Sheeps Brewing Co. opens its first taproom with a celebratory grand opening weekend, April 23-24, 2016. Open to the public, the two-day event features a line-up of distinctive beers, tap room only beers and food trucks.

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