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  • Baaad Boy

    Style: Black Wheat Ale
    Availability: Year Round


    Gold Medal / Wheat Beer with Yeast
    LA International Beer Fest - 2014

    Baaad Boy Slider Image

Chocolatey - Roasty - Incredibly Smooth

ABV: 5.50
IBU: 13

Jane:  I thought you ordered a wheat beer?

John:  I did.

Jane:  What do you mean?  That beer is darker than some porters, that’s not a wheat beer!

John:  Yes it is.

Jane:  You’re a liar!  My mom was right, this relationship is over!

John:  Yes.  It is.

Don’t be fooled like Jane: this is, in fact, a wheat beer. Beneath its rich, dark exterior and cascading head, you will find a classic unfiltered wheat presentation fused with the smooth, roasty, chocolate-like characteristics of the dark wheat malt. With a finish this unnervingly smooth, you're going to want to give this Baaad Boy a second chance...and third...and so on.

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Speaking of pushing the limits of our capacity...

November 6, 2015

Early in 2016, 3 Sheeps will be opening a new brewery! 

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